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“Named Plaintiffs” Brandy Morris, Brenda Gray, Stacy Miller, and A Few Good Cleaners claim First Interstate Bank breached its account agreement by assessing allegedly improper Retry Fees and returned item fees. Members of the settlement class include those who have or had an account with First Interstate Bank and were charged overdraft and/or returned item fees between December 30, 2011, and April 7, 2021 (depending on your state of residence).

The Defendant has agreed to create a Settlement Fund of $2,331,000 for the Class. It will also forgive Uncollected Fees totaling $17,090. The balance of the Settlement Fund after attorneys’ fees and costs, the Service Award, and the Settlement Administrator fees, also known as the Net Settlement Fund, will be divided among Class Members.

If the Settlement is approved by the Court, eligible Class Members may receive either a check or a credit to their account after the final approval. However, if there is an appeal, payments may be delayed.

Summary of Your Options and the Legal Effect of Each Option
Do Nothing If you don’t do anything and the settlement is approved, you may be sent a payment from the Settlement Fund and/or receive forgiveness of Uncollected Fees so long as you do not opt out of or exclude yourself from the settlement (described in the next box).
Exclude Yourself You can choose to exclude yourself from the settlement, or “opt out.” This means you choose not to participate in the settlement. You will keep your individual claims against Defendant, but you will not receive a payment. If you exclude yourself from the settlement but want to recover against Defendant, you will have to file a separate lawsuit or claim.
Object to the Settlement You must mail an objection to the Settlement Administrator, explaining why you believe the Court should reject the settlement. If the settlement is approved, then you may be sent a payment and/or forgiveness of Uncollected Fees and you will not be able to sue Defendant for the claims asserted in this litigation.